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Mayo Alerts Data Sources

Alerts are issued from data that is publicly available from various Irish state and semi-state organisations. Data is either provided through an open licence (e.g. Creative Commons 4.0) or is available publicly through a variety of web sources. 

A major benefit of subscribing to Mayo Alerts is getting alerts from all these sources through a central service. In the past, you may need to search through numerous government websites or services, whereas Mayo Alerts brings all this data together through a central alert and information platform. After you subscribe, you can set up to receive alerts for your local area so you will only receive updates for the parts of Co. Mayo that interest you.

Planning Alerts

Dept. Housing, Local Government and Heritage

Planning application data is centrally stored by the Dept. Housing, Local Government and Heritage on behalf of the 31 Irish planning registers. Mayo Alerts is reusing this data to provide the weekly "planning application alert" service.

You will receive timely updates about Mayo planning applications that are likely to impact you. This feature will save lots of time that you might otherwise have spent searching long planning lists on other media. By opting in to planning alerts, you will receive email updates in a timely manner so you will have time to make submissions to the planning authority.

River Height Alerts

Office of Public Works (OPW)

River height data is provided by the Office of Public Works through their Water Level service. Mayo Alerts is reusing this data to provide the "river height alert" service. 

If you own land, buildings or other assets that might be impacted by rising water levels then you can subscribe to up to over 20 river sensor locations across Co. Mayo. These email alerts will be triggered when the water level rises above a threshold that you can set within your Mayo Alerts account.

Low/High Tide Times

Marine Institute

Low/high tide time data is provided by the Marine Institute through their open data service. Mayo Alerts is reusing this data to provide the "tide time alert" service. 

If you swim or walk at any of Mayo's named beaches then it useful to know when the tide is in or out. You can opt into any of Mayo's named beaches to get an email every evening letting you know about the following day's low/high tide times.

Bathing Water Quality Alerts

Environmental Protection Agency

Bathing water quality alerts and measurement reading updates are provided via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) open data. Mayo Alerts is reusing this data to provide the "bathing water quality alert" service.  

If you swim at any of Mayo's five named beaches then this service will provide you with a heads up if there are any bathing water restrictions or water quality problems at your preferred beaches. You can opt into individual beaches, and you will receive an email alert for any updates that are published.

Marine & Severe Weather Warnings

Met Eireann

Severe weather and marine weather warnings are provided from open data sourced from Met Eireann. Mayo Alerts is reusing this data to provide the "weather alert" service.

Receive severe weather information for Mayo as soon as it is published by Met Eireann. You can opt into Level Yellow, Orange and Red alerts for the county, or you can also opt into marine warnings for the Mayo coastline region. You can set up your mobile number on Mayo Alerts to receive free Level Orange/Red severe weather SMS as part of the service.

Public Consultation Alerts

Office of Planning Regulator

Public consultation data is provided from the Office of Planning Regulator or the local authority through open data. Mayo Alerts is reusing this data to provide the "public consultation alert" service. Some consultation data is also sourced from consultation software providers.

You will receive a timely alert about any current public consultations for Co. Mayo. This will give you ample time to prepare a response if you wish to make a submission to the relevant public body that has published the consultation.

Property Sale Alerts

Residential Property Price Register

Property sale data is provided from the Residential Property Price Register. Mayo Alerts is reusing this data to provide the "property sale alert" service.

Stay up to date on property sales in your areas. If you plan on selling your home or you are simply intersted in the local property market landscape then you can opt in to get a breakdown of recent Mayo property sales.

Drinking Water Alerts

Uisce Eireann

Public drinking water data is made available publicly (e.g., website / social media) from Uisce Eireann. Mayo Alerts is reusing this data to provide the "drinking water alert" service.

Get alerts for any water outages or boil waters for your part of Mayo. You'll receive an email alert with a link back to the correct page of the Uisce Eireann website where you can learn about reasons forthe water issue and the likely service return time. Get a heads up alert for any planned water issues so you can stock up.

Become a data provider / alerter

If your agency wishes to send alerts to Mayo Alerts subscribers then please get in touch. Our service is available for the following organisations and groups:

  • Government / State Agencies
  • Semi-State Agencies
  • Mayo community groups such as tidy towns, community text alert, others.
  • An Garda Siochána Text Alert scheme managers for Co. Mayo's groups.

How it works:
Agencies/groups can use this service to publish alerts to their subscribers. A dedicated login can be provided to "alerters" and it is a simple case of completing a web form to send targeted alerts. Further details available upon request.

By subscribing to Mayo Alerts, you can receive alerts from all these categories. You can add up to three map locations within Co. Mayo so you can receive alerts for your home, work or other family locations.